Āpalē svāgata āhē

Eating at Meena Tai’s is like walking in to a Maratha kitchen, filled with authentic flavours and infused with maternal love. We make our spice mixes from scratch, using age-old recipes which have been religiously passed down from grandmothers and aunts for centuries. Panning the length and breadth of the great Maratha state, at Meena Tai’s we bring you the region’s grand food traditions, from lip-smacking popular flavours to guarded family heirloom recipes and lesser-known regional favourites.

Meena Tai’s is more than a restaurant, it is an experience of a culture. It is food that will take you back in time and give you a ringside view of the heady flavours that continue to inspire the places, people and landscape that shaped the great legend of the Marathas.